Dr. Ellen Zimmermann featured in “The New Gastroenterologist” for her activity in the AGA’s 2017 Women’s Leadership Conference

Left to right: Shelia Crowe, University of California, San Diego; Latha Alaparthi, Gastroenterology Center of Conn.; Celena NuQuay, AGA; Ellen Zimmermann, University of Florida; Katherine S. Garman, Duke University Medical Center; Carol Brown, AGA; Marcia Cruz-Cornea, UPR Comprehensive Cancer Center. Photo courtesy of The New Gastroenterologist.


The American Gastroenterological Association hosted its 2017 Women’s Leadership Conference on February 3-4, 2017 in Irving, TX. The conference brought together both early career and experienced track women gastroenterologists from the United States and Mexico. Led by renowned faculty, the conference included a variety of topics including career advancement, negotiating skills, mentorship and work-life balance.

Dr. Ellen Zimmermann of the University of Florida Health – Endoscopy Center was the chair of the women’s committee for the conference. Dr. Zimmermann gave insight and advice from her life as a physician, scientist and a mother. Her participation in the conference was highlighted in an article by “The New Gastroenterologist.” To read more about Dr. Zimmermann and the AGA’s Women’s Leadership Conference, please click here.