Meet Our Team

Gastroenterology Faculty

Anand Gupte

Anand Gupte MD, MS, FASGE

Clinical Associate Professor

Angela Pham

Angela Pham M.D.

Assistant Professor

Anil K Sharma

Anil K Sharma M.D.

Associate Professor

Bashar Qumseya

Bashar Qumseya M.D., M.P.H., F.A.S.G.E.

Associate Professor

Chris Forsmark

Chris Forsmark M.D.


David S Estores, Jr

David S Estores, Jr M.D.

Associate Professor

Dennis J Yang

Dennis J Yang M.D.

Program Director And Clinical Associate Professor

Ellen M Zimmermann

Ellen M Zimmermann M.D.

Assoicate Dean & Professor

Eyad Alakrad

Eyad Alakrad M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor

John G Lieb, II

John G Lieb, II M.D., FASGE, AGAF

Associate Professor

Manuel A Amaris

Manuel A Amaris M.D.

Program Director & Associate Professor

Marcus Muehlbauer

Marcus Muehlbauer M.D., Ph.D.

Program Director & Assistant Professor

Markus Agito

Markus Agito M.D.

Assistant Program Director & Assistant Professor

Nakechand Pooran

Nakechand Pooran M.D.

Clinical Associate Professor & VA Faculty

Peter V Draganov

Peter V Draganov M.D.

Professor Of Medicine

Priti Joshi-Guske

Priti Joshi-Guske M.D.

Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor

S D Rampertab

S D Rampertab M.D.

Associate Professor Of Medicine

Tara Dyson

Tara Dyson M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor

Hepatology Faculty

Roniel Cabrera

Roniel Cabrera M.D., M.S.

Medical Director Of Liver Transplant, Section Chief Of Hepatology & Associate Professor

Ginger Clark

Ginger Clark M.D., M.S.

Program Director & Associate Professor

Roberto J Firpi-Morell

Roberto J Firpi-Morell M.D., M.S.


Giuseppe Morelli

Giuseppe Morelli M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor

David R Nelson

David R Nelson M.D.

Senior Vice President For Health Affairs, UF & President, UF Health

Consuelo Soldevila Pico

Consuelo Soldevila Pico M.D.

Professor Of Medicine

Alpna R Limaye

Alpna R Limaye M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor & VA Faculty

Amitabh Suman

Amitabh Suman M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor

Andreas G Zori

Andreas G Zori M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor

Clinical Staff

April A Goddard

April A Goddard PA-C

Coordinator Clinical Programs 4
Richard H Davis, Jr

Richard H Davis, Jr PA-C

Physician Assistant
Phone: (352) 273-9472
Patrick M Horne

Patrick M Horne MSN, ARNP

Clinical Programs Coordinator 4
Phone: (352) 273-9464

Paolo Gonzalez, PA-C

Candace Rogers, PA-C