Formal Education
GI Fellowship Program

Divisional education activities include:

  • A weekly research conference
  • A monthly Endoscopy Teaching Conference
  • A weekly combined medicine-surgery ‘Problems Conference’ in which the fellows and outside physicians present interesting cases to be discussed by the faculty
  • A monthly journal club
  • A quarterly Quality Improvement Conference.
  • In addition, there is a one-hour lecture series for medical students and house officers three times a week. This series focuses on nutritional diseases, and is provided by the faculty and fellows.
  • Finally, a liver biopsy conference and a liver transplant conference are also held each week

Depending on a trainee’s interests, additional courses can be taken in from the Department of Health Economics including study design, biostatistics, and outcomes. Also, the Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research (ICBR) offers a wide variety of “hands-on” courses covering all aspects of basic research. These courses are usually taken during the second year of fellowship training.