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Your digestive system is a miracle of muscles, valves, digestive juices and nutrient absorption.

The synchronized, wave-like movement of your digestive system’s muscles, which push food through the various parts of the system, is known as motility. Disturbances of gastrointestinal motility can cause a variety of symptoms, pain or discomfort and a loss of nutrient absorption.

The GI Motility Program at University of Florida provides referring physicians with complete tests of motility and gastro-intestinal functioning. Our comprehensive reports provide an analysis of motility tracings and expert comments.

The GI Motility Program offers the latest technologies for diagnosing motility disorders, including:


Manuel A Amaris

Manuel A Amaris M.D.

Program Director & Associate Professor

Eyad Alakrad

Eyad Alakrad

Clinical Assistant Professor

David S Estores

David S Estores M.D.

Associate Professor

Physician Assistant

Candice L Rogers

Candice L Rogers

Physician Assistant


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