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Your digestive system is a miracle of muscles, valves, digestive juices and nutrient absorption.

The synchronized, wave-like movement of your digestive system’s muscles, which push food through the various parts of the system, is known as motility. Disturbances of gastrointestinal motility can cause a variety of symptoms, pain or discomfort and a loss of nutrient absorption.

The GI Motility Program at University of Florida provides referring physicians with complete tests of motility and gastro-intestinal functioning. The test summaries are available within 24 hours. Our comprehensive reports provide an analysis of motility tracings and expert comments.

The GI Motility Program offers the latest technologies for diagnosing motility disorders, including:


Manuel A Amaris

Manuel A Amaris M.D.

Program Director & Associate Professor

Eyad Alakrad

Eyad Alakrad M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor

David S Estores

David S Estores M.D.

Associate Professor


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Rachel S Allen RN ––
Michelle D Chew Clinical Docum Imprv Spec ––
Kristin S Burns RN ––