Liver Biopsy

Call 352-265-ENDO(3636), if questions arise

Liver biopsy is an important tool for gastroenterologists and hepatologists to diagnose and assess different liver conditions. The procedure is done in the endoscopy suite by one of the experts in liver diseases. Bleeding and puncture of the gallbladder are possible complications of the liver biopsy. However, such complications are uncommon.

Pre-Biopsy Instructions

  • DO NOT TAKE Aspirin, Aspirin containing products, Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory medications for at least 3-5 days prior to the procedure.
  • You will need to go to the lab for pre-biopsy tests (PT, INR, CBC with platelets) within 4 weeks of the biopsy.  If you are using an outside lab, please have them fax your results to 352-392-7393 or bring a copy with you on the day of your procedure.
  • On the morning of the procedure, you can have a light breakfast.  Take your daily medications as prescribed, but exclude all medications mentioned above.
  • On the morning of the procedure, please arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time.
  • Please go directly to Check In: Go to admissions located directly inside the main lobby of South Tower, left of the registration desk. Once seen in admissions, they will direct you to the GI Reception desk on the 2nd Floor.

The Day of the Biopsy

  • You will lie down in a bed in endoscopy recover area.
  • An ultrasound will be completed to help find the best spot to do your liver biopsy.
  • You will receive conscious sedation (IV sedation) if necessary.
  • The area will be cleaned with an aseptic technique.
  • Local anesthesia will be injected.
  • Liver biopsies will be performed within few seconds by one of the liver doctors using a soft tissue biopsy needle after ultrasound marking.
  • The tissue or biopsy will be placed in a sterile formalin-filled container and sent for pathology evaluation.
  • After the procedure, you will be instructed to remain in the recumbent position for the duration of post-procedure monitoring: 1.5 hours.
  • We will be monitoring your resting vital signs every 15 minutes, blood pressure and pulse measurements every half hour for the entire time you spend in recovery.
  • During the final half hour before discharge, the patient is required to sit up in a chair.
  • Patients will only be discharged from the endoscopy suite if they are stable and there is no evidence of blood pressure issues, pulse changes, and no complaints of severe pain or shortness of breath.

 Post Biopsy Instructions

  • “You must have someone available to drive you home (you cannot operate a vehicle for 24 hours after the procedure).”  Your designated driver will be picking you up at the 2nd floor Recovery Room of the GI Endoscopy Suite in the South Tower Shands Hospital.
  • Results of your biopsy will be available approximately one week from the day of the procedure.

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