LT Protocol Review Meeting (2012)


  • To present to the transplant team the current liver transplant protocols.
  • To review the current data on the topic and ensure the protocol reflects good clinical practice
  • To revise and edit protocols after presentation as discussion and consensus dictates


  • MRB, Dragdsted Library, 6th floor


  • Every last Thursday of the month, except for December and April that will be the third Thursday.





October 25th, 2012

Substance Abuse Policy: Marijuana & Nicotine

L. Rule, K. Walker
November 29th

Pre and Post- LT HCC Protocol

R.Cabrera, A.Limaye
December 20th

Initial Immunosuppressive therapy

J. Fair
January 31st, 2013

Protocol Liver Biopsy

G. Clark
February 28th

Renal Sparing Immunosuppression

A. Suman
March 28th

Steroid Resistance Rejection treatment

K. Andreoni
April 18th

HAT and PVT post LT

I. Zendejas
May 30th

Extended donor criteria

B. Boland
June 11th

HBIG and HBV therapy

C. Soldevila

Previously presented:

CholangioCA – Cabrera

Pre-transplant evaluation – Katie and Lisa