Liver Transplant Referrals

Liver Clinics Referrals:

  • All patients are seen by physician referrals only.
  • If the patient’s insurance is an HMO, we will need the name and phone number of the patient’s primary care provider (if it is not the referring physician) and an authorization number for the clinic visit.
  • The patient will be notified directly by mail with the appointment date and time as well as directions.
  • To refer a patient or to arrange a clinic consultation appointment in the Hepatology or Liver Clinic, located at 2000 SW Archer Road, please click on the yellow box on the right top corner “Request a Patient Appointment (click Here)“.
    • Fax the requested information to 352-733-4179. Appointment Request Form
    • You can also call our Clinic Scheduling Center at 352-265-0139 for additional information. Please limit faxed materials to 15 pages.
    • If the consultation is of an urgent matter, please call 352-273-9500.

Liver Transplant Referrals (Urgent referrals):

  • For liver transplant referral, please follow the instructions above for Liver Clinic Referrals.

For urgent liver transplant referrals please contact the Liver Transplant Office at 352-265-0754.