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We are committed to improving the lives of individuals suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases by providing the highest level of personalized patient care, advancing research and discovering innovative treatment options through our numerous clinical trials. Our coordinated program brings together decades of digestive disease expertise from a wide range of clinical specialties and provides a multitude of resources not available at other institutions.

We have dedicated RN-level triage nurses, a registered dietitian and a dedicated IBD pharmacist. Our patients also benefit from other in-clinic resources such as dedicated GI pathology physicians, dermatologists, rheumatologists, hematologists and clinical psychologists with expertise in dealing with inflammatory disorders.

We specialize in treating patients with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, including the most complex cases:

We utilize the most advanced technology, treatments and offer comprehensive patient-centered resources, including:

  • Onsite infusion center
  • Direct hospital admission
  • Management of central ostomy lines and feeding tubes
  • Dilations and special procedures
  • Expertise in treating patients with overlapping diseases, like PSC and IBD
  • Chromo endoscopy
  • Pediatric to adult transition program
  • Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) management
  • Microbiome expertise
  • Team approach involving triage nurses, pharmacist, dietitian, GI imaging, radiology, GI endoscopists, GI pathologists and colorectal surgery

Crohn’s and Colitis Diet Video

New research is suggesting that the foods we eat can change the environment of the gut and that some dietary patterns will aid in healing the gastrointestinal inflammation that patients with Crohn’s and Colitis experience. Making these changes can be difficult, but this video shows two patients who feel the changes are worth it and that they are doable.

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