A Simple Example



  • As an example of the power of the Gainesville Survey Machine, consider how difficult it is for overweight persons to lose weight. From the medical researcher point of view, it is difficult and expensive to identify persons who might want to volunteer for studies, to follow them, monitor drug side effects. With a robust survey instrument in place, we would find it easier to attract drug companies and device companies to the area. This would improve the research atmosphere in our town.
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An example of what we can do together – – –

  • Dr. Weiner recently read about an interesting, easy way to treat obesity. If only it were true…
    • A knowledgeable doctor proposed that owning a dog was a simple way to treat obesity. The proposal was based on the additional exercise involved in walking the dog. Also, the unconditional love associated with owning a pet would decrease the need for stress eating.
    • With the current situation, it would cost millions to create a study to demonstrate this, or refute it.
    • With the Gainesville Survey Machine, we could survey the weight and pet situation of Gainesville, rapidly gain actionable information. If this turns out to be true, we could easily spread this information to interested people the world over.
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