Ye Yang

Ye Yang

Assistant Scientist

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Research Fellowship Award
2016-2019 · Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America
William R. Sistrum Memorial Scholarship
2009 · University of Oregon
Cancer Federation Fellowship
2008 · University of Oregon
Outstanding Student Scholarship
2001-2005 · University of Science & Technology of China

Research Profile

I am interested in understanding what/how host-microbe interactions influence host health and disease development. My Ph.D. study was on the regulation and function of alkaline phosphatase (ALP) genes in gut homeostasis and host responses to enteric pathogens using genetically manipulated zebrafish, mice and bacteria (Edwardsiella tarda).

I joined Dr. Christian Jobin’s lab in 2013 to study how host-microbe interactions impact intestinal pathologies (e.g., IBD, CRC, etc.) and how one can manipulate these interactions for better health. My research focuses on the interplay between host and colibactin-producing E. coli during colitis and tumor development. Using various model organisms (bacterium, zebrafish and mouse) and a range of techniques (molecular cloning, genome editing, sequencing, QPCR, in situ hybridization, immunochemistry, comet assay, microinjection, western blot, etc), I set to define the genetic elements and signaling pathways from both the host and microbe sides that contribute colitis and tumor development.

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Jul 2016 – Jun 2019
Impact of host signaling on microbial activities in the development of colitis-associated colorectal cancer
CROHNS & COLITIS FOU OF AMERICA · Principal Investigator


2013 · University of Oregon
2005 · University of Science & Technology of China

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(352) 294-5112