Qin Yu

Qin YuQin Yu
Graduate Student

Research Summary

I am interested in understanding host-microbe interactions and their role in cancer development. My undergraduate research at Huazhong Agricultural University was on the bioavailability improvement of Bacillus-produced surfactin on insulin administration in diabetic mice. As an exchange visitor during my senior year at University of Florida, I did cancer research in Dr. Jianrong Lu’s lab exploring the LKB1-CREB-GDF11 pathway as a possible cause of muscle wasting syndrome in cancer patients, and the mechanism of action of LATS-CTCF. I joined Dr. Christian Jobin’s lab to study how microbes and their metabolites contribute to the development of colorectal cancer and intestinal inflammation.


2017-Present University of Florida IDP program
2016-2017 University of Florida Exchange Visitor
2013-2017 Huazhong Agricultural University B.E.


  • Grinder Scholarship Award, University of Florida, 2017
  • China Scholarship Award, China Scholarship Council,  2016
  • National College Students’ Technology Innovation Fellowship, Huazhong Agricultural University, 2016
  • National College Bioengineering Fellowship, Huazong Agricultural University, 2015
  • Academic Excellence Award, Huazong Agricultural University, 2015
  • Dean Scholarship, Huazong Agricultural University, 2014