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Chris Forsmark, M.D.

The distinguished faculty of our division have a commitment to educating rising physicians and conducting innovative research, in addition to providing excellent care in their clinical activities. The division consistently excels in these areas and is ranked among the best in the nation.

Division specialties

Division Specialties

The division of gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition has some of the nation's top-ranked clinicians and researchers. Our faculty is committed to providing world-class patient care, while developing novel treatment options and advancing research in the field.


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UF Health screening patients in what might be…

It’s a potential killer. And many of the people who are most susceptible to the disease don’t even know it exists. Physicians remain uncertain of…

A UF Health physician tests a patient for fatty liver and liver fibrosis using a specialized ultrasound. (Photo credit: Jesse S. Jones.)

UF Health liver transplant program outcomes reach…

It’s in the organ’s name — you can’t live without a liver. For patients in need of a liver transplant — whether it be from acute or…

UF Health's Thiago Beduschi, M.D., is one of the most experienced surgeons in multiviscerals and other types of multiorgan transplants in the world. (Louis Brems/UF Health)

UF scientist works to develop colon cancer…

Colon cancer may be treated or even prevented by altering microorganisms in the intestine and by combating inflammation with a clinical treatment…

Dr. Yang in lab

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Featured Speaker: Dennis Yang, M.D.

Third Space Endoscopy and Advanced Endoscopic Resection Techniques in the Gastrointestinal Tract

Dr. Yang

UF Health Med Matters

UF Health Aids College Students with IBD in Care Transition

IBD is an umbrella term for chronic disorders that involve inflammation of the digestive tract, such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Classroom of college students

GI & GI Surgery Updates

UF Health MedMatters Features Division of GI & GI Surgery

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